Written In Red – Unconditional (Session 5)



We are wrapping up our series on the love of God…along the way we have made some incredible discoveries. If we will allow His love to change us we can start living Unconditionally because we have been loved Unconditionally. John 3:16 is preached, studies, and cited more than any other Biblical passage. However, it never
becomes yesterday’s news, never loses it majesty, never sours or loses its freshness..it is so inexhaustible that over the period of many years, one obsessive preacher compiled more than 600 sermons based on this one verse. Talk about a month of Sundays! That is over 12 years of Sunday mornings…we don’t look at this verse that often but when we do…there is always something new to find. Today is no exception…get ready…

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The Study Continues…

He Always Has… He Always Will


Main Points

  1. God’s Love Is Extravagant (For God so loved…)
  2. God’s Love is Extensive (…the world…)
  3. God’s Love Is Expensive (…that He gave His only Son…)
  4. God’s Love is Expansive [in the most Exclusive way] (…that whoever…believes in Him…)
  5. God’s Love Is Eternal (…should not perish but have everlasting life…)