Laughing At The Right Time – You Gotta Admit…That Is Kinda Funny! (Session 1)



You Gotta Admit…That Is Kinda Funny!
Sometimes, what people do and how they react to certain situations is well, just kinda funny!
Most people miss the funny moments in the Bible. However, if you look closely you can not only find the humorous stuff in Scripture, but like always, you discover that there are life lessons to be learned in the midst of them. This series is designed to introduce you to some funny moments that you might have missed but most importantly point out what God was trying to teach His people…then and now. This study today looks at a moment in the life of Abraham and Sarah. Both of them are doing some pretty silly things in this unexpected and unusual encounter. What they do, how they behave, and how they react serve as learning moments for each of us right now.

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You Gotta Admit…That Is Kinda Funny! Series


Main Points

  1. A Zippy Senior Moment (v.2,6,7-8)
  2. A Zany Snickering Response (v.9-12)
  3. A Zinger of a Punch line (v.13-15)