Jerking A Knot in the Nots- Unconditional (Session 3)



In our quest to discover just how big the Unconditional love of God really is…we have found that God is love, that just who He is and we have discovered that He loved us even before we were born. Those truths alone can be overwhelming and as we begin to understand them should cause us to examine how we live our lives each day. Now we are going to add to that good news some more as we find that His love is so strong that He will never let us go. The strength of His love allows us to find strength to live each day…no matter what is happening around us.

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The Study Continues…

He Always Has… He Always Will


Entrance Ramps

  • Notice what it says and doesn’t say
  • What part of nothing don’t we understand? (v.36-37)


Main Points

  1. Not the Crisis of Death or the Calamity of Life
  2. Not the Cares of Today or the Concerns of Tomorrow
  3. Not the Crashes of Living or the Corrupt Loopholes